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Drones trialled to help reduce billion-dollar invasive pest animal problem

01 Oct

SYDNEY, NSW: 01 October 2015 - Invasive pests within Australia are become an increasing concern, costing the nation $1 billion each year in lost agricultural productivity. The cost of the invasive pests is not only affecting landowners, but all sectors of the agricultural industry including local, state and commonwealth governments. According to the ABC, high grade military flying drones with infrared cameras will be tested to deal with the issue of pest control from sky level. 

The high flying drone with infrared cameras will give operators the ability to take control over pest management. It will allow them to go beyond the visual line of the site by flying 500 metres above ground both during the day and at night. ABC states that it is the infrared camera that will allow operators to locate pest animals whilst having live vision on a screen. The drone will locate the pest and a ground team will be able to clean them up. 

Ninox Robotics is responsible for agricultural unmanned aerial systems. Their Managing Director, Mr Ehrlich, recognises the benefit of employing the drone in the agricultural sector and the the many ways it can help business.