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Australia Day Campaign

28 Jan

Australians across the nation have really embraced the theme of 'virtual reality' this year as confirmed by the latest Tourism Australia campaign.  According to Adnews, the advertisement displays scenes of Australians enjoying the most amazing aquatic and coastal experiences across the country. Adnews has confirmed the use of drones for the film that captured footage in 360 degree mode with the aim to highlight Australia's sense of 'feel'.

“We've showcased the beauty of the country as we always do, but we've tried to take it a little more experiential because that is what consumers are seeking when they travel now – they want to be immersed in the destination. The campaign is based on that insight.” Adnews, 26 Jan 2016.

Have a look at the Australia Day Campaign to take a flight through the various destinations across Australia and see all the incredible footage taken by your drone!

Well done Tourism Australia!



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