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Kruger National Park - South Africa

01 Jul

Recent travels have taken a member of Sphere to South Africa. A DJI Phantom 3 Professional was packed in the hand luggage and taken to South Africa. Below we identified the general notes, drone laws and travel notes when flying and traveling amongst South Africa. Please note that all photographs of travels are presented on social media outlets.

Drone Laws:

South African drone laws are conveyed on the South African Civil Aviation Authority website, general rules like keeping at distance from populous areas and restraining from flying to close proximity to Airports is identified. Additional it is outlined that any drone used for creating a monetary gain requires an RPAS or certification alike.  At current time Kruger National Park is a no fly zone and the drone was not flown inside Kruger.

Travel Note:

Drone with 3 x phantom 3 batteries, controller and misc accessories were taken on board a Qantas flight and were screened with no issues by Airport Security in Australia nor South Africa. The drone was carried as hand luggage from Nelspruit (Kruger National Park) to Johannesburg flying AirLink (South African Carrier) and Johannesburg to Dubai (Emirates Airlines). Please note that travel or security was uninterupted and the drone passed through all screenings with no issues. Additional note that batteries were discharged to 25%.