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CASA Certification

A Model Aircraft is flown only for hobby or sport.  Basically any sort of recreational activity.  An RPAS Aircraft is flown for commercial purposes, either as a charged fee or reward, or for your own commercial gain.  Using an RPAS to promote your own business is considered a commercial gain. RPAS stands for Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems and refers to any aircraft that is controlled by remote control, or some other means of automation. Some examples of commercially available RPAS Aircraft are the DJI Phantom 2/3, 3DR Solo, DJI S900 and DJI S1000.


An Operator’s Certificate is given to the company or individual that wants to operate RPAS Aircraft.  Consider it like an airline.  For example; QANTAS is the Certified Operator and the pilot is the Certified Controller. If you want to fly commercially you will need to obtain both RPAS Certification, and an Operator’s Certificate – both issued by CASA.  Unless you want to fly for someone else whom already has an Operator’s Certificate – in this case, you only need RPAS Certification. Once you have obtained your RPAS Certification, you then simply apply to CASA for an Operator’s Certificate.

If you want to use your remote controlled aircraft for a commercial gain, you will need to obtain RPAS Certification. Our RPAS Certificate course runs for 5 days and consists of both theory and practical study.  You will be required to pass an exam, and demonstrate your ability to fly a training quad.  You will be given practical flight training which will give you the necessary skills in order to pass the exams.

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