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Are you an INDIVIDUAL and want to fly drones commercially?

Are you an INDIVIDUAL and want to fly drones commercially?

You will need a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

The RePL Training course is available as a:

  • 5 day face-to-face course, or
  • online course with 2-day face-to-face component (Experienced flyers only)

The course includes both a theoretical and practical assessment and it is all completed under the one location. Complete the course and your application will be sent to CASA.

You own or represent a BUSINESS/COMPANY and need a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)

You will be known as a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) Holder.

A ReOC holder can employ one or more Remote Pilots (individual pilots).

To apply for a ReOC, the business/company needs to develop an Operations Manual and an RPAS Operational Library.

The nominated Chief Controller will then be assessed by CASA on their knowledge of the safety practices outlined in the manuals as well as a sound knowledge of the regulations.

We can assist with preparation of the manuals and help you prepare for your assessment.


  • 5 day Training course or Online Course
  • Practical Flight Training
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Training Materials
  • CASA RePL Fees
  • Staff Support

ReOC Development:

  • Development of Operation Manuals + RPAS Operational Library
  • Utilising your manuals through electronic process, a software we have created called Drone Complier. (12 month subscription for First 2 users) Drone Complier allows you to have your logs, compliance, safety management system plus more all in the one software. For more info please visit
  • Ongoing Support / Assistance (ReOC process and Drone Complier)